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Stay ahead of your financial transactions with an Excel ledger

At certain points in their lives people tend to think more about their financial situation than they would at other times. One of those crucial moments certainly is when adulthood slaps you across the face, and you first realize that as a grown-up you have to manage your own finances. Maybe you are working part-time while studying, or you have just started out in your first proper job, or you are in midlife busy with things like child care, paying mortgage and college expenses, or you are approaching retirement, or are already retired. Even if you find yourself in phases of your life that don't quite fit with what's considered a typical life career, staying on top of your finances has considerable benefits that can improve your life's quality.

One of the most effective ways to stay ahead of your financial transactions is to keep track of your monthly earnings and expenses with a monthly spending plan.

Keep track of your finances with a ledger account book

A ledger can be either a physical book or a digital spreadsheet (like this excel spredsheet) that allows you to document your financial transactions up close and personal. This tool (also referred to as cash payment journal, household account book, or account book) can help you to get an overview of your earnings and expenses and ultimately ease the task of creating and monitoring your personal and family budget.