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Timeline | Version History for the Excel Budget Book

Here you will find a brief outline of the development of the budget book. Further information on the functions and use of the budget book with a description of the individual worksheets can be found here.

  • v1.4 13th January 2021
    The number of lines for flexible income has been extended by 4 more to a total of 8 rows for variable income. The column width has been optimised for currency settings.
  • v1.3 11th January 2021
    The number of lines for fixed expenses has been increased from 21 to 30 rows.
  • v1.2 December 2020
    In the "Total" tab, the lines of variable income have been increased from two to four. The tab "Chart" has been added for the graphical representation (as bar charts) of
    • the development of total monthly income/expenditure and the corresponding balance;
    • total income and expenditure in the year and corresponding balance;
    • the development of variable monthly individual expenditure, and
    • total variable expenditure in the year.
  • v1.1 January 2020
    Blatt "Gesamt": Optimierung von Formeln zur Berechnung der durchschnittlichen monatlichen Ausgaben. Hinzufügen eines Dropdown-Menüs zur Währungsanpassung.
  • v1.0 2018 - 2019
    Development of the budget book in its basic features and step-by-step expansion of its functionality with 21 lines for fixed expenditure, 3 lines for income [1x fixed, 2x variable] and 8 lines for flexible expenditure.

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